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You Knew I Was a Snake

from by Dunbarrow



I was born a rattlesnake
Silver streams from a fiery lake
So cold, overgrown
My kingdom of stick and stone

Shapeless shadows in my mind
Rings of smoke tell the doom of our kind
And it’s so inevitable
When you can’t tell weak from strong

I’ve seen the lidless eye
Way atop of a mountain high
The earth don’t turn and the sun don’t shine
Forever night is growing nigh

Bow fool I’m the serpent king
Desert throne is a rootless thing
Cold kiss of the shaman has strangled spring
As we all lie dead the crows will sing
See the creature’s strange faces
Hungry pyramid, dead child embrace
See them burn like the red sun
See love at the end of a gun

You know I’m leaving
Gotta pack my bags and go away
But don’t you cry, oh don’t worry
It was never meant that I should stay

It gets better with time I’ve heard them say
As all love and passion withers away
Your soul turns stone, your body to clay
When life ain’t worth living, alive you can stay
So to the end now I must wait
You ripped my wings, I slit your throat

You knew I was a snake


from Dunbarrow, released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Dunbarrow Haugesund, Norway

Heavy rock inspired by the early doom of the 70's.

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